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Srimati Radharani
Radhashtami: Tuesday, 29 August 2017
(Bhadrapad Shuklapaksh, 8th)

Vaishnav Devotee celebrates the birthday of RadhaRani. She was born in Barsana, 30 Km from Mathura, and she appeared as the daughter of King Vrishabhano and Mata Kirati.

Radhaji was older to Sri Krishna and it is believed that the Divine girl did not open her eyes until Krishna was born. The relationship of Krishna with Radha transcends human concepts and is Spiritual in nature.

Vedic Literature explains that Radha is Krishna’s Spiritual Energy. Whenever the Lord incarnates, His Spiritual Energy also takes up a Female Form. Hence Hindus always worship Laxmi with Narain, Seeta with Ram and Radha with Krishna. It is redundant to state that one may attain Krishna only through the Grace of Radha.

राधे रानी की जय महारानी की जय ।
बोलो बरसाने वाली की जय जय जय ॥
श्याम प्यारे की जय बंसीवारे की जय ।
बोलो पीत पट वारे की जय जय जय ॥
ठकुरानी की जय व्रजरानी की जय ।
वृषभानु दुलारी की जय जय जय ॥