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Pitra Paksha (Shraddh-Tarpan): Do and Don't

1. Krishna Paksha is better than Shukla Paksha for Tarpan (offering of water) and Shraddha.

2. After Noon time is better than before Noon for Tarpan and Shraddha.

3. Must Invite and offer food to Brahmin.

4. SILVER Patra (utensil) is best for offering food, Tarpan and Pind-daan. (ManuSmriti 3/202)

5. Do not perform Chaturdashi Shraddha. By offering food and water to your ancestors on this 14th day of Ashwin Krishna Paksha (Pitra-Paksha), you may unwantedly be put into a war or quarrel. Young people in your house may start dying in their early age. Perform only when some has died in War/accident (Akal Mrityu).

You can perform Chaturadashi’s shraddha on next day (Amavasya).

6. No Shraddha has been prescribed for abortive child.