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Mangala Dosha effects the married life of a person in many ways – it creates delays, cheating, hurdles and obstacles in getting married. After marriage physical, mental or financial hardship for one of the partners or both the partners. It causes mutual disputes, allegations and counter allegations and may even lead to disintegration of marriage. If Dosha is pronounced, one of the partners may remain ill or there may be untimely death of either one or both the partners. Inspite of this one should not be scared of Mangala Dosha. Efforts should be made for a person having Mangala dosha to marry another person with Mangala dosha because when the dosha is similar, it gets nullified and the couple leads a happy married life.
In the horoscope of both the bride and the groom, if Mars is placed in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the Lagna, the Moon or Venus, then due to equality, Mangala dosha is nullified. One attains mutual happiness, wealth, children, health and friends.

If a girl having Mangala dosha is married to a boy with Mangala dosha, the dosha is cancelled and there will be mutual happiness. To ward off the effects of Mangala Dosha following are recommended –

• One should fast on Tuesdays (sunrise to next day sunrise). During the day consume liquid drinks without salt like tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice and curd. In the evening, draw a triangle with red kumkum (roli) on a plate and worship with Panchopachara [red sandalwood, red flowers, incense (dhoop), lighted lamp and food consecrated to a deity]. Thereafter, only before sunset, one may consume wheat bread, ghee and jaggery (unrefined cane sugar).

• If the Mangalik Dosha is pronounced then the Mangala Chandika Strotra should be recited daily for 21 times for 108 consecutive days.

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