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Maa DURGA - The Force Supreme Born

The description of Durga given by Sage Vyasa in his 'Markandeya Purana' is available in the form of 'Durga Saptashati'. Durga is the symbol of the force which is the reflection of Power Supreme. Durga inspires humans into labour, work, endeavour, adventure and industry. The worship of this force give birth to 'Shakti' sect in Hinduism. Durga concepts springs from the knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads. In a nutshell, for the destruction of evil forces and non-believers, God's power took birth in the form of Durga.

In an ancient age, Rambhasura was born in a demon dynasty. His son was called Maharshi. The son was as powerful as a wild bull. He was a sorcerer as well. Maharshi could become any beast. Bull buffalo was his favourite form. So, the demons preferred to call him Mahishasur, the bullish demon. He was arrogant and debauch but a favourite devotee of Brahma.

Once he did penance of Brahma standing on one leg only for years. He chanted 'Om Brahma devaye namah'. Lord Brahma appeared to him and asked him to wish for a boon.

Mahishasur asked for immortality.

"No, I can't give you that," Brahma declined and added, "Whoever is born must die. Ask for something else."

Mahishasur said after some thought, "Lord, then bless me that no man or beast kills me. Death at the hands of a woman won't matter." The demon thought that the soft and weak female won't be able to kill him anyway. Brahma granted the boon."

When Mahishasur got his wish granted, he began tormenting humans. He and his demon army would be raid the Yajnas of sages and kill them. The abduction of women and dishonouring them became the order of the day. The reign of terror made the humans cry for some divine help. One day, driven by megalomania, the demon raided god's home Alkapuri, the capital of Lord Indra, the king of heavens.

A battle between the demons and gods began and raged on. The rivers of blood started flowing. The gods were caught on the back foot and couldn't face the onslaught of Mahishasur. They fled.

After the retreat of the gods, Mahishasur captured the throne of Indra. He declared himself to be the new Indra, the lord of heavens. Announcement was made in all the three worlds for everyone to worship Mahishasur as god supreme. Anyone not doing so was to be publicly executed.

The announcement shook the three worlds. The new lord ordered the heavenly beauties of Alkapuri to dance for demons. When they refused Mahishasur terrorised them. The gods ran to the triology of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. The triology asked the gods to wait for the favourable situation.

The woes of gods pained Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. They must do something. The three invoked their powers. The powers in energy forms flashed out of their bodies and came together to become an intense light ball which took shape of the goddess Bhagawati Durga riding a lion. Lord Vishnu gave Her His chakra, Shiva handed Her His trident, Brahma gave lightning, Indra gave Vajra, the thunderbolt, Sun armed Her with nuclear weapon, Moon handed Her sword, Wind transferred his speed to Her and other gods gave their respective powers to Durga.

Thus, armed with incredible weapons, the ten-handed goddess, Durga stood there astride the lion while the gods prayed to Her to rid them of the terror of mighty demon, Mahishasur.

Durga screamed in anger. "Don't grieve, gods. I shall slay that demon. Meanwhile, you take shelter in these mountain ranges and wait." Then, she vanished.

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Jai Ambe Gauri - Durga Aarti (English & Hindi)

Durgaji Ki Aarti - Jai Ambe Gauri

Jai ambe gauri maiya jai shyama gauri
Tumako nishadin dhyawat hari bramha shivaji || Maiya Jai..||

Mang sindur virajat tiko mrigamad ko
Ujjwal se dou naina chandrawadan niko || Maiya..

Kanak saman kalevar raktambar raje
Rakt pushp gal mala kanthan par saje || Maiya..

Kehari wahan rajat khadag khappar dhari
Sur-nar-munijan sewat tinake dukhahari || Maiya..

Kaanan kundal shobhit nasagre moti
Kotik chandr diwakar rajat sam jyoti || Maiya..

Shumbh-nishumbh bidare mahishasur ghati
Dhumr vilochan naina nishadin madamati || Maiya..

Chand-mund sanhare shonit bij hare
Madhu-kaitabh dou mare sur bhayahin kare || Maiya..

Bramhani rudranitum kamala rani
Agam nigam bakhanitum shiv patarani || Maiya..

Chausath yogini mangal gawatnritya karat bhairu
Bajat tal mridangaaru baajat damaru || Maiya..

Tum hi jag ki mata tum hi ho bharata
Bhaktan ki dukh harta sukh sampati karta || Maiya..

Bhuja char ati shobhivaramudra dhari
Manwanchhit fal pawat sewat nar nari || Maiya..

Kanchan thal virajat a…

Pitra Tarpan Mantras – Offer Water to Departed Soul

TARPAN MANTRAS Awahan: First invite (call) your ancestor’s spirit by praying (fold your hand) through this mantra: “Om Aagachchantu Me Pitar Emam Grihanantu Jalaanjalim.” Tarpan (offer Water)
Now offer Teel Mixed Water or Ganga Jal : 3 times for each one

For Father “AmukGotrah AsmatPita AmukSharma Vasuroopastripyatamidam Teelodakam (GangaJalam Vaa) Tasmey Swadha Namah, Tasmey Swadha Namah, Tasmey Swadha Namah.” Replace AmukGotrah with : Family Gotra AsmatPita: Use for father AmukSharma: Father’s Name Teelodakam: Use if Teel is mixed with water otherwise use “GangaJalam Vaa” Tasmey Swadha Namah 3 times while leaving (offering) water from hand

To Grand Father Replace AsmatPita with Asmatpitamah Replace Vasuroopastripyatamidam with Rudraroopastripyatamidam Replace AmukSharma with Grand Father’s Name

Durga Puja Samagri (Items) - Checklist

Durga Puja Samagri List

1. Deity (statue/photo), Chunari, Shringaar items 
2. Two big lamps (with wicks, oil/ghee), 
3. Matchbox, Agarbatti 
4. Karpoor, Gandha Powder, Kumkum, gopichandan, haldi 
5. Sri Mudra (for Sandhyaavandan), Vessel for Tirtha, Yajnopavita , Roli, Moli(Kaleva)
6. Puja Conchshell, Bell, One aarati (for Karpoor), Two Aaratis with wicks
7. Flowers, Akshata (in a container), tulsi leaves
8. Decorated Copper or Silver or other Kalasha, Two pieces of red cloth (new),
9. Coconut, 1/2 kg. Rice, Bananas 6, gold coin, gold chain
10. Extra Kalasha, 3 trays, 3 vessels for Abhisheka 
11. Beetlenuts 6, Beetlenut Leaves 12, Banana Leaves 2, Mango Leaves 5-25
12. Dry Fruits, 5 bananas, 1 coconut - all for naivedya
13. Panchaamrita - Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Ganga Jal 
14. Puja Book,containing Aarti, Stotra, Chalisa, Stuti etc. 
15. Red flowers and red flower malas.
16. Also fruits and prasad as far as possible 21 varieties.
For more details consult your priest/purohit.

How to perform Durga Puja (Step-wise): Mantras, Prarthana, Aarti

Step-wise direction to perform Durga Puja First perform Kalash Puja or Ghatsthapana Now perform ‘Atma Puja’ for self-purification. This is done by the chanting of the following mantras: OM APAVITRAH PAVITRO VA SARVAVASTHAM GATOAPI VA, YAH SMRAIT PUNDARIKA AKSHAM SA VAHY ABHYANTARAH SHUCHIH. Explanation: Whoever contemplates upon Vishnu gets automatically purified, both mentally and physically. Tilak : Apply Tilak (an auspicious mark) on your forehead This is followed by ‘Achman’ (drinking of holy water after accepting it in the palm of the hand), which helps to wash off the sins committed by action, thought and speech. The mantra runs as follows: OM KESHAVAYA NAMAH, OM NARAYANAYA NAMAH, OM MADHAVAYA NAMAH, OM GOVINDAYA NAMAH. Explanation: I bow to thee Keshav, I bow to thee Narayan, I bow to thee Madhav, I bow to thee Govind. SANKALPA : To make a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to achieve the purpose of the ceremony. It is customary to take a little water in one’s hand and make resolve. AAWAHAN (Pra…

Ghatasthapana (Kalash Sthapana) Day & Time : Thu, 21 September 2017

Ghatsthapana : Sharadiya Navratra Ghatsthapana Day - Thursday, 21 Sep 2017
Ghat Sthapan Muhurat - 06:15 to 08:05 AM 
अभिजीत मुहूर्त और लाभ चौघड़िया में भी आप बिना किसी विचार के घटस्थापन कर सकते हैं ।

* Delhi, India Local Time (IST)
- Pratipada Tithi Until 10:34 AM of 21st Sep 2017

The first day of Navratra is called Ghatasthapana, which literally means pot establishing. On this day the kalash, (holy water vessel) symbolising Goddess Durga often with her image embossed on the side is placed in the prayer room. The kalash is filled with holy water and covered with cowdung on to which seeds are sown. A small rectangular sand block is made and the kalash is put in the centre. The surrounding bed of sand is also seeded with grains.

The Ghatasthapana ritual is performed at a certain auspicious moment determined by the pundits. At that particular moment the priest intones a welcome, requesting goddess Durga to bless the vessel with Her presence. At several places there is a tradition of sowing bar…