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Jai Shani Dev
The seven and a half year period during which Saturn (Shani) transits in the twelfth, first and second houses from the birth rashi (Moon sign) is called the Sadhesati of Saturn.

One Sade Sati is made up of three periods of approximately two and half years each, because Saturn travels in one rashi for two and half years.

Normally in the lifetime of a person, the Sadhesati of Shani (Saturn) occurs three times.

On 2nd November 2014, Saturn is moving into Scorpio by changing the the sign Libra. This will also change the positions of Saturn Sadhesati and Dhaiya. Here's birth signs influenced by Shani Sadhesati and dhaiya (small panoti).

From November 2, 2014 Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius will have Sadhesati of Saturn .
- Aries (Mesha Rashi) & Leo (Simha Rashi) will have Kantaka Shani (small panoti) for next two & half years.

Cancer and Pisces will be free of Shani Dhaiya.

Shani Sade Sati Table for all Rashi (Birth Sign)
Moon Sign (Raashi)First DhayyaSecond DhayyaThird Dhayya (end of sade sati cycle)
Aries02-11-2014 to 26-10-2017**NANA
Leo02-11-2014 to 26-10-2017*NANA
LibraEndedEnding Today, 2 Nov 201402-11-2014 to 26-10-2017
ScorpioEnding Today, 02-11-201402-11-2014 to 26-10-2017NA
Sagittarius02-11-2014 to 26-10-2017NANA

* Small Panoti / Kantak Shani

** Small Panoti / Ashtam Shani

Note: NA - Not Applicable, No Sade Sati or Small Panoti

During the Sade Sati of Saturn the person may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments and enemies, losses due to theft and fire and death of elders in the family might occur.

In general experience it is not seen that the entire period of seven and half years is painful. In fact, during Sadhesati, some auspicious events may still occur like, marriage, birth of children, promotion at work, business, victory in election and foreign travel.

Shani Sade Sati Cycle for Native born under Tula (Libra) Rashi

Shani Transit results for Libra (Tula) : 04-08-2012 to 02-11-2014
Here gochara Shani transiting your Moon sign indicates myriad difficulties. These might include dangers from accidents, from fire or from the government. You may become separated from your kith and kin. Enmity may flare up with your (once) near and dear. You may find yourself in a strange land wandering here and there. For some, even finding a roof over their heads could be difficult at some point. Observe special caution on and around these periods. As a general rule, because Saturn is exalted the results will not generally be as severe as they sound.

Sadhesati CycleTransit in SignBeginning DateEnding DateSaturn Moorti
First DhayyaVirgo10:09:200915:11:2011Tamra
(Twelfth from birth rashi)Virgo16:05:201204:08:2012
Second DhayyaLibra15:11:201116:05:2012Swarna
(On birth rashi)Libra04:08:201202:11:2014
Third DhayyaScorpio02:11:201426:01:2017Roupya
(Second from birth rashi)Scorpio21:06:201726:10:2017
Kantak ShaniCapricorn24:01:202029:04:2022Tamra
(4th from birth rashi)Capricorn12:07:202217:01:2023
Ashtam ShaniTaurus08:08:202905:10:2029Tamra
(8th from birth rashi)Taurus17:04:203031:05:2032

Brihaspati Uvacha
With the planet of karma Saturn moving into exaltation, we are reminded of the words of the great Brihaspati (from his Brihaspati Niti-sara of the Garuda Purana).

“Man enjoys only the fruits of his previous actions. Whatever he has done in his previous life has its reactions now.” (GP 1.113.18)

“Whether one ascends into the sky or enters deeply into the nether world, whether he travels in every quarter of the universe, he will not receive that which is not specified by karma.” (GP 1.113.23)

“In the physical body born as a result of karma, different kinds of illusions—physical and mental—fall in quick succession like shafts discharged by a skillful archer. Hence man should see things in the light of the shastras only.”(GP 1.113.28)