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ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः ||

बृहस्पति ग्रह के अद्भुत उपाय
Easy Remedies for Planet Jupiter 

Result & Remedies of Jupiter according to its position in house/Sign

If marriage of girl is not settling, worship 300 Parthiv Ling. If marriage of boy is not settling, recite 17 lessons of  Durga Saptasati.

If you have clashes with your spouse, worship Shiv - Parvati and recite Ardhanari-Nateshwar Stotram during morning and evening.

If you have differences with your spouse, recite 'Jupiter Gaytri' mantra daily for 10 or 108 times in the morning.

Sprinkle Gangajal at your work place after enchanting it from 8 'Jupiter Mantra' for progress in business.

If you are not able to amass wealth due to weakness of Jupiter, recite Jupiter Gaytri mantra for 10 or 108 times during day time.

ॐ अंगिरोजाताय विद्महे, वाचस्पते धीमहि,
                   तन्नो गुरु: प्रचोदयात।।

Easy remedies for Planet Jupiter

You should recite Brahspati Strot written in Skand Puran to remove the blemishes caused by Jupiter and hear Satyanarayan Katha on full Moon (Poornima) day. You should offer rice coloured in turmeric, yellow flowers, yellow sandal. Donate gram pulse, salt, turmeric etc. on Thursday.

1-Behave warmly with teachers, preachers, saints, old people and highly educated people.

2-Don't tell a lie in court being as a witness.

Fasting (Vrata) for Planet Jupiter

It may be little difficult for many people to recite hymn (Mantra) properly. Having fast on the ruling day of troublesome planet is an easy remedy for them.

You should have fast on Thursday to diminish the inauspicious effect of Jupiter. Fast should startfrom first Thursday of ascending moon (Waxing Moon) of Jyeshtha month. This fast should performminimum for 21 Thursdays and maximum for 3 years. You should take bath & wear yellow clothes on Thursday and recite Beej mantra or Tantrik mantra of Jupiter for 324 or 1188 times (3 or 11 rosaries). Offer yellow flowers to Lord Brihspati. You should distribute Laddu made up of gram flour & Gud or sweet yellow or saffron colored rice among poor people and eat yourself. On last Thursday, perform Holocaust with Hawan and distribute food (Yellow Colored) to Brahmins.

You will be intelligent, erudite and wealthy by observing this fast. If any unmarried girl have this fast, she may get married soon.

Use of roots to pacify the malefic effects of Jupiter

There are several methods of distress pacification of planets like donation, recitation of mantra, wearing of gem etc. Wearing of roots is also an easy method for it and it is beneficial too.

Dig up and bring the roots on day related to planet during any auspicious time. Before digging up any root, invite after smoldering the Dhoop and pouring water in it in previous evening. Then dig it up next day before sun rise without using any tool. Root should not cut with any tool.

For Jupiter, wear the root of banana or turmeric knot around your neck, arm or waist on Thursday or Punarvasu, Vishakha or Purv Bhadrapad castellation in evening after sewing it in yellow cloth.

Bath & Donation for planet Jupiter

Mix grains of yellow mustard and black cardamoms in water and take bath from same. It will remove the blemishes of Jupiter. You should donate turmeric, yellow clothe, yellow grains, salt, lemon or Menhadi to make happy Jupiter.

 Hawan stuffs used to pacify the malefic effects of planet Jupiter

 To get rid from inauspicious results of planet, Hawan is a significant remedy. Materials used in Hawan is enough beneficial. These stuffs make surroundings holy along with pacifying planet.

Hawan stuffs contain several kinds of roots and herbs and due to this reason its ashes is also very beneficial and alleviate the some diseases totally.

Materials : Turmeric, dry rose

Roots: Banana Root

Yantra for Planet Jupiter

Draw yantra on birch by using red sandal, Ashtgandh or sandal mixed with saffron by pen made of gold, silver, basil or pomegranate. Yantra can be drawn on gold, silver or copper. But these types of yantras can be worshiped only. For wearing purpose, always draw yantra on birch only.

Yantra should always wear in an amulet made of gold, silver or copper. Yantra should be made byperson who is wearing sacred thread. In this way, Yantra becomes more powerful and gives fullimpact on wearer.

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