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The Brahmin who does not recite the Gayatri, who does not meditate at twilight, who is inwardly wicked while outwardly pious, becomes a crane.

The Brahmin who officiates for one who is unfit to perform sacrifices becomes a village-dog, and by too many sacrifices becomes an ass; by eating without the thought of God he becomes a crow.

Who deceives a friend becomes a mountain-vulture; who cheats in selling becomes an owl; who speaks ill of caste and religious order is born a pigeon in a wood.

The twice-born who does not impart learning to the deserving becomes a bull; the pupil who does not serve his teacher becomes an animal, an ass or a crow.

Who strikes a cow or a Brahmin with his foot is born lame and deformed; who speaks lies becomes a stammerer; who listens to lies becomes deaf.

Who covets his teacher’s wife becomes a chameleon; who tries to go with the king’s wife becomes badly corrupt in character; who goes with his friend’s wife becomes a donkey.

Who steals food becomes a rat; who steals grains becomes a locust who steals water becomes a Chataka bird; who steals poison becomes a scorpion.

Who steals betel, fruits and flowers becomes a forest-monkey; who steals shoes, grass and cotton is born in sheep’s womb.

Who dies by drinking poison becomes a black serpent on a mountain; whose nature is unrestrained becomes an elephant in a desolate forest.

Those twice-born ones who do not make offerings to the Great Lord and who eat all sorts of foods without hesitation and consideration, become wild tigers in a desolate forest.

He who, having become a king, does not give land to the twice-born, is reborn for many times as a beggar, without even a village-hut. The king who, through pride, does not make gifts of land, shall dwell in hell as long as the sun and the moon exist.

The lustful man who goes with a female ascetic becomes a desert fiend: who consorts with an immature girl becomes a huge snake in a wood.

Who hates mother, father and teacher, who quarrels with sister and brother, is destroyed when being in embryo in the womb, even for a thousand births.

The woman who abuses her mother-in-law and father-in-law and causes constant quarrels, becomes a leech; she who scolds her husband becomes a louse.

Who, abandoning her own husband, runs after another man, becomes a flying fox, a house-lizard or a kind of female serpent.

- From Garuda Purana

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