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A person whose clothes and teeth are dirty, who eats too much, speaks harsh and unpopular words, countinues to sleep even after the sunrise, Lakshmi deserts such a person, even it may be Lord Vishnu Himself, who supports a wheel in his hand.

In 'Anushasam Parva' of Mahabharata:

Once with the welfare of mankind in mind, Pradyuman's mother Rukmani asked Goddess Lakshmi,"Devi, what kind of people and places please you to reside with them?"

Lakshmi responded, "I reside with people who speaks moderately, are efficient, do not lose their temper, are devoted, grateful, have control over self and are generous. I always live with people who are virtuous, religious, those that respect the elderly, are pure at heart and wise and forgiving. I live with women who serve their husbands, who are forgiving, truthful, balanced, simple and virtuous. They must respect the gods and Brahmins. I live with all those who are endowed with virtuous qualities. Wherever yagyas are performed, prayers are offered to gods, cows and Brahmins are cared for, I never leave those homes."

Goddess Lakshmi further tells Rukmini that 'O friend! I abhor and dislike such a person and desert him, if he is unabashed, quarelsome, has great penchant for sleep, is malicious, dirty, mentally restive and careless. If anyone has, even one of the said drawbacks or bad habits, I never hesitate to discard and desert such a person.'

In  the Mahabharata, Shantiparv, 225, it is explained that once when King Bali opposed the Brahmins after eating offensive food, Lakshmi immediately left his palace. She said, "I detest those who steal, are addicted, impure and restless. I am living Bali's palace even though he is devoted to me."

There is an adage that 'opportunity knocks at one's door once only'. If the recepient fails to seize the opportunity and utilise it, he is a dismal loser. Such careless persons repent through out their life, once they lose the opportunity, and also that the Goddess of wealth also does not co-operate with a callous and careless person.