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Home Vastu - Matsya Purana

The building of a house should never be begun in the month of chaitr Chaitra (March-April). A person who does this is sure to contract a disease.

The month of vaishaakshVaishakha (April-May) is a good time to begin. One who does this is bound to own many cows.

The month of Agrahayana, Magha (January-February) and Falguna (February-March) are also auspicious. An individual who begins the task in Agrahayana has full granaries. One who begins it in Magha attains all sorts of riches and one who begins it in Falguna obtains gold and sons.

Ashada (June-July) is also a good month to start. Servants and animals are owned by a person who starts the building in Ashada.

But the months of Jyaishtha, Shravana, Bhadra, Ashvina and Pousha are inauspicious. If you start in JyaishthaShravana (July-August); begin in Bhadra (August-September) and you will suffer from all manner of losses; your wife will die if you start the task in the month of Ashvina; and all your goods will be stolen if you start in the month of Pousha (December-January) .

It is best to begin the building of a house when the Nakshatras naksshtr Ashvini, Rohini, Mula, Uttarabhadrapada. Uttarashada, Uttarafalguni or Mrigashira are in the sky. Any day is permissible with the exception of Sunday and Tuesday.

There should not be any trees in the front of the house. But trees have to be planted towards the back.

The wood with which the house has to be built must be carefully chosen. One must not cut down a tree that birds have built nests on. Certain trees must never be chosen. These include those that have been gashed by an elephant or struck by lightining. They also includes trees that grow near temples or at the confluences or rivers and trees from cremation grounds. Neem trees and mango trees must never be used for building houses.