How to perform Shraddh Ceremony? Shraddh Tithi (Dates) 2014

Shraddh Ceremony 2014

On each day of the dark fortnight (Pitra Paksha), special offerings are made to the ancestors whose lunar date (Tithi) of death corresponds to that particular day. Favourite food items of the departed person are specially prepared and offered after performing a puja .

One must offer food to Brahmin and donate Yatha Shakti. A small portion of the food is also offered to the Cow (Gow Grass) before offering it to Brahmin..

A small portion of the food is also offered to the crow who is considered as a connection between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Round balls of rice and flour, called pinda , are also offered, along with the sacred kusha grass and flowers, amidst sprinkling of water and chanting of mantras from the Sam Veda.
Shraddh Tithi - Pitra Paksha Calendar 2014

Tue, 9 Sep 2014 to Tue, 23 Sep 2014

Purnima (Full Moon) ka shraddha: Mon, 8 September 2014

Ekam (Pratipada) ka shraddha: Tue, 9 September

Dyitia ka Shraddh: Wed, 10 September

Tritiya ka Shraddha: Thu, 11 September

Chaturthi ka shraddh: Fri, 12 September

Panchami ka shraddh: Sat, 13 September

Shasthi ka shraddh: Sun, 14 September

Saptami ka shraddh: Mon, 15 September

Ashtami ka shraddh: Tue, 16 September (Jivitputrika Vrat)

Navami ka shraddh: Wed, 17 September

Dashmi ka shraddha: Thu, 18 September

Ekadasi ka shraddh: Fri, 19 September

Dwadashi ka shraddh: Sat, 20 September

Tryodashi ka shraddh: Sun, 21 September

Chaturdashi ka shraddh (only when death due to accident, murder, by poisons etc): Mon, 22 September

Chaturdashi (Normal Death) / Amavasya ka shraddh: Tue, 23 September

Note : 1) Sarvpitru Sharaddh on Tue, 23 September 2014

2) Chaturdashi’s shraddha should observe on Amavas Day, unless some one died in accident/war.

If possible consult your pundits/purohit to perform this ceremony of departed souls.
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